Learn step-by-step in 40 easy lessons

Grammar & Usage Explained Throughout

Comprehensive reference sections Included

For Beginners or Those Who Want a Thorough Review

Learn to speak, read, and write Spanish quickly and easily with Living Language. Developed by U.S. government experts, this book introduces you step-by-step to the basics of Spanish pronunciation, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and grammar.

Inside You'll Find:
All the words and phrases from the 40 lessons on the Living Language Spanish Complete Course recordings plus additional vocabulary
A guide to pronunciation
Useful topics: Directions, Introductions, Shopping, etc.
Explanations of grammar and usage
Short quizzes to help you check your progress
A comprehensive summary of Spanish grammar
Verb charts, including all tenses
A special section on writing letters

While this book stands on its own as an instructional program and an invaluable reference, you'll find that using it with the recorded lessons is even more effective. Along with the recordings, Living Language Spanish Complete Course cassette and compact disc packages include this book as well as a dictionary.