After competing in The Cheyenne Days celebration, Leland Martin Rich, known as "Wyoming Jack," and his four brothers accept a job driving a herd of cattle 115 miles from the small Wyoming town of Deaver to Thermopolis, Wyoming. Their adventures begin when the local sheriff informs them that two of his wranglers are convicted felons. Jack agrees to keep a sharp rein on them, but this is only the first of many challenges on this danger-filled cattle drive. At Lobo Pass, they hear the first wolf cry. A dying calf was killed to use as bait to lure in wolves. Just like clockwork, the pack settles in on the calf while two older wolves creep toward the dark side of the herd. Once the shooting starts, one of the crooks is thrown from his horse and is killed by a wolf. In less than the time it took for the plan to start, it was over. Nine wolves lay dead, but one of their men has also been killed. The cattle drive encounters a wild mustang stampede, an early spring blizzard, a cougar attack, a saloon girl who attacks with a knife, and much more. Glen "Bear" Smith grew up in a small coal mining camp in eastern Utah. Retired, he now lives in Ogden, Utah. He wrote this book as a tribute to his father and uncles. "They are to this day my personal heroes." Publisher's website: