La Villa Nueva de Santa Cruz de la Cañada de los Mexicanos Espanoles del Rey Nuestro Senor Don Carlos Segundo was established in April of 1695 by Governor and Captain General of New Mexico, Don Diego de Vargas. The first recorded baptism from Santa Cruz in the archives of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe does not state that Santa Cruz was a parish or that there was a church there. The record simply states that the baptism of a child given the name of Maria Lucia took place "En esta Villa de Santa Cruz" on September 25, 1710. The record further states that the child was "de nación Apache" and that her godmother was Sebastiana de la Serna. The priest who signed the record was Fray Jose Antonio de Torres. The baptismal record is located in a fragment baptismal register from Santa Cruz catalogued as a Loose Document from the Mission Period numbered 1710 number 7. Included in this book is a list of abbreviations and phrases used in the publication, and a name index. Names are indexed three ways: 1) by name of person baptized, 2) by parents' names, and 3) by godparents, grandparents, and others named.