Damien Harrington is fresh off his come from behind victory when he's thrust into yet another harrowing scenario. Gina Degrazio, wife to Vittorio Degrazio, notorious gangster, stands accused of Vittorio's murder. Gina's a tough-talking native New Yorker who was transplanted to Kansas City. She swears she didn't do it. She was with her boyfriend, Enzo Degrazio, Vittorio's twin brother, at the time of the murder. Or so she says. However, bit by bit, her story falls apart. Damien doubts that Gina was anywhere near Enzo at the time of the murder, yet he must use that alibi excuse if he is to win Gina's case.

In the meantime, Damien and Harper together work several wrongful death suits that were the result of toxic mold in various homes on the East Side. The plaintiffs are all poor and minority, the landlords are all slumlords and scummy, and Damien works these cases with a passion that he has not felt for the law in many years.

With all the hairpin curves and twists you've come to expect from a Rachel Sinclair legal thriller, this first installment featuring Damien Harrington in the lead is not to be missed!

Author's note: This book is a standalone and does not end in a cliffhanger. However, there is a short teaser at the end of the book, to introduce you to the next book.